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The Orgasm Shot

The O-Shot® can help with many conditions that impact female intimacy and sexual wellness, improving blood flow and nerve sensation while decreasing inflammation.

The Orgasm Shot

Sexuality is a natural part of the human experience. For many years, woman were socialized and taught to be discreet and ladylike and not speak up about sexual desires and concerns. Many women have suffered in silence and taken a passive role. Times are changing.

The O-Shot® can help with many conditions that impact female intimacy and sexual wellness. The rejuvenative properties of plasma can improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and improve nerve sensation.

The Shot That Stops Leaks: The O-Shot for Urinary Incontinence

The O-Shot has a stellar, va-va-voom reputation for revving up orgasms and libido, but it also has a more practical side. Women who have had the O-Shot report a dramatic decrease in their urinary incontinence symptoms. In fact, the O-Shot injection has proven to be 90% effective in treating stress incontinence.

It’s a little like finding out champagne is full of vitamins.

Urinary incontinence is a common problem for an estimated 40 percent of women in the U.S., often as a result of pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. Now safe, minimally invasive O-Shot is here to renew confidence and stop those little laugh leaks and sudden runs to the restroom.?

Stress incontinence occurs involuntarily when laughing, coughing, sneezing or activities such as running or jumping put pressure on the bladder. If your muscles, ligaments, and tissues that support the bladder have lost strength or tension, the bladder and urethra are unsupported, leading to leakage.

With the O-Shot, new, rejuvenated tissue growth in the vaginal walls provides support for the bladder and urethra, giving women more control and helping to ease the symptoms of stress incontinence.

G-Shot is also successfully used to treat urge incontinence, or overactive bladder, which is when you consistently experience a sudden, unexpected urge to urinate.

O-Shot FAQ's

Does it hurt?

In order to make your more comfortable we use a strong topical numbing cream. Most of our patients have said the discomfort is minimal.

What does the O-Shot do?

The O-Shot is a procedure which uses human growth injections to rejuvenate female structures. The plasma is activated and the platelets release multiple growth factors that can help improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and make the tissues healthier. This can result in less dryness, improved sensation, easier orgasms and less leaking.

How long to see results?

You must give your body time to respond to the growth factors. Typically 4-6 weeks after the injection, you can start to see changes.

Do I need one shot or two shots?

We customize our plan depending on your situation. For some, one shot is enough. For others, two shots can be necessary. In particular, the vulvar condition, lichen sclerosis requires multiple sessions."


Dr. Masud Baksh, M.D., Medical Director of Vital Health & Aesthetics has been certified and licensed to perform The O-Shot® (also known as The Orgasm Shot®) by the Cellular Medicine Association. To learn more about this distinctive qualification please see our blog post, Vital Health & Aesthetics Achieves Certification by the Cellular Medicine Association.

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