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Clean Start Weight Loss Program

This medical weight loss program includes diet and exercise changes and MIC injections and will help improve all areas of your life.

Clean Start Weight Loss Program

Clean Start

The Medically Monitored Weight Loss Program

At Vital Health & Aesthetics we offer a medically monitored weight loss program called Clean Start. This medical weight loss program includes diet and exercise changes and MIC injections and will help improve all areas of your life, including your sexual wellness. If you have a target weight loss goal but can’t reach it on your own, we can help with this monitored weight loss program. The Clean Start program is a medically monitored weight loss program that helps reset your metabolism, alleviate food cravings, burns unwanted fat, and helps you look and feel your best. This program aims to reduce your appetite while resetting your metabolism to what would be considered healthy and normal. It also helps you reach a healthy set point weight and maintain it long term while reducing the urge to eat emotionally and give in to unhealthy food cravings.

The Program Details

The Clean Start diet plan includes several aspects that all work together to help you lose weight. These different aspects include tips, instructions, go-tos, and a protocol to follow so that you can reach your goals as quickly as possible.

The Program Guidebook

Clean Start includes a monitored weight loss program guidebook that gives you all the program details. This guidebook will also give you instructions on eating according to portion sizes and how the Glycemic index scale works. It will also help you learn how to read a nutritional info label. Additionally, it will provide tips on combatting emotional eating, destructive food habits, and curbing cravings.

The Quick Tip Sheet

The Quick Tip Sheet will provide you with the most important tips to help you reach your goal weight and a complete shopping list with calorie counts to take the guesswork out of grocery shopping and meal planning.

The Cookbook

The Cookbook has over 50 recipes designed for all three phases of the weight loss program so that you’ll never have to come up with meals on your own. These meals are all Clean Start approved and will help you learn how to cook healthy meals that nourish your body, taste good, and satisfy you.

The Food Journal

Food journals are incredibly effective. There’s something about writing down the foods you eat on a daily basis that gives you some built-in accountability and also opens up your eyes as to what may be keeping you from reaching your goals.

MIC Injections

MIC injections are fat burner and vitamin injections that we administer here at our office to help enhance weight loss safely and naturally. These are especially helpful when you cut down your calories because not only do MIC injections help increase your metabolism, but they increase your energy levels.

Clean Start: More Than Just Weight Loss

The Clean Start program provides men and women with a way to achieve more than just their weight loss goals. It also helps them burn stubborn fat. After beginning this program, you can expect to notice significantly reduced fat volume in some specific areas of the body that tend to hold onto stubborn fat, including the buttocks, upper thighs, neck, abdomen, and face. What Are the Benefits of Medical Weight Loss? It Promotes Sexual Wellness

Reaching a healthy weight with a monitored weight loss program helps balance hormone levels and helps improve sexual wellness. Living at an unhealthy weight affects you mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually. Still, when you reach a healthy weight and nourish your body, you’ll experience benefits in every area of your life.

It’s Safe

When you begin a program to help you reach your goal weight guided by medical professionals, you can rest assured that everything prescribed, injected, and recommended is completely safe. Our medical professionals will consult with you before designing your weight loss program to ensure that they choose the right diet, exercise routine, and MIC injections that are safe and effective. You will see results, and you won’t have to worry about achieving those results in an unsafe manner.

It’s Effective

If you’ve tried to lose weight on your own and have been unsuccessful, you are probably well aware of how ineffective some diets are. If they aren’t designed with your needs in mind, and you’re not exactly sure how to lose weight effectively and safely, achieving results will be difficult, to say the least. However, you can expect results when you undergo a medically monitored weight loss program. This program is designed with your starting weight and goal weight in mind.

It Keeps You Accountable

To lose weight, you need some form of accountability. Disciplined people often have greater success losing weight because they already have a natural drive, commitment, and dedication. However, even the most disciplined people need accountability because, without it, they won’t achieve their goals as quickly as they could otherwise.

Our programs offer built-in accountability. Knowing that someone else is monitoring your goals may be exactly what you need to finally succeed and reach your target weight.

You Can Trust the Process

Another one of the benefits of medical weight loss is that there is a formula, a process, and it works. All you have to do is commit to the process and trust the formula, and you will see results. A medical weight loss program is different than simply deciding you’re going to follow the next fad diet. When you come to our office and meet with our experts, we’ll tailor a plan that’s right for you, and as long as you follow that plan, you’ll succeed. Experience Success With a Monitored Weight Loss Program That Works

Reaching your goal weight is just some unattainable goal. We can help you achieve success with our program. Clean Start is a perfect way to reset your metabolism, shed that extra weight, and improve your sexual wellness. Our experts will help you reach your goals and learn how to maintain your healthy weight long-term. All you have to do is take the first step, schedule a consultation, and begin a journey that will end with a healthier, happier you. When you finish the program, you will be able to eat anything you like, but you will find you eat less and crave more healthy options.

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